Winter Nazters

Need to get swings in during the dreary winter months of Ohio weather? We have you covered. Five nights a week, we offer a 2 man best ball format of 9 holes. NEW to the 2023-2024 season, we have two locations being offered; The Nazters Clubhouse, and Chairman Miller's humble abode. Join us for the action and fun.

9 Holes, a "hole" lot of fun

We get it, time is money. Our 9 hole, 2 man best ball format ensures that you get in and out in less than 2 hours. Each week.

2022 Champion - Tom Kandybowicz

Stop us if you have heard this before... defending champion, Tom Kandybowicz.

Great technology, even better fellowship

In a season where being social gets put on the back burner after the holidays, the Winter Nazters season allows for great camaraderie and fellowship, just as the game intended.

Different season, same family

Reconnect with the guys you grew to know and love in the other three seasons through The Nazters. The same group of people, in a more intimate and meaningful setting.